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Florida’s Coordinated System of Professional Development

The School Community Professional Development Act, created by section 1012.98, Florida Statutes (F.S.), outlines the expectations for a coordinated, statewide system of professional development that increases student achievement; enhances classroom instruction to promote rigor and relevance throughout the curriculum; and prepares students for success in college, career and life.

Goals of Florida’s Coordinated System of Professional Development. One is increase student achievement. Two is enhance classroom instruction to promote rigor and relevance throughout the curriculum. Three is prepare students for success in college, career, and life.

Responsibilities of the system are distributed among many collaborative partners including the Florida Department of Education (department); public postsecondary institutions, school districts, and schools; and state education foundations, 财团, and professional organizations.

These responsibilities, as well as the scope, focus and required elements for Florida's professional learning system are set forth in a series of connected statutes and State Board of Education rules that address the importance of professional growth for educators and the essential need for school districts to maintain professional learning systems.

Linked Elements of Florida’s Coordinated Systems of Professional Development. There are four puzzle pieces being put together with the different system names on them. The top left is Professional Learning 标准, the top right is Professional Learning System, the bottom left is Professional Learning Catalog, and the bottom right is Professional Development Review Protocol.

The state's recognition of the importance of a systemic process for enabling professional learning is evident. To support this key component of quality school improvement, Florida has several linked elements:

  • State standards for high-quality professional learning
  • District professional learning systems
  • District professional learning catalogs
  • Professional learning review protocol materials and site visits for evaluation of district professional learning systems

More information about these elements, as well as other resources to support districts in the development and continuous improvement of their professional learning systems, can be found on the pages linked in the navigation menu to the left.

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